Hank Johnson

Hank Johnson

Phoenix, Arizona

Division You Are Competing in: : European Formula Ford

  Biography - Career Highlights: : I've been involved in both amateur and professional racing for over 30 years having driven in endurance racing in IMSA and worked with teams twice at the Twenty four Hours of Le Mans as well as in CART/IndyCar, for Don Panoz while he was creating the American Le Mans Series and in NASCAR.  I was a high speed test driver for Lexus developing a high performance sedan for the European market to compete with BMW.  I was Arie Luyendyk's personal business manager before he retired and was a driver interviewer and event manager for Dodge Motorsports in NASCAR for fourteen years and worked in Formula 1 as a manager in 1990 being fired by Bernie Eccelstone once and rehired ten minutes later (the man has a major Napoleon complex but it works for him).  I am also a professional published author and have two mystery fiction novels on Amazon, \"Funky, Funky Broadway...\" and \"Stupid in Taos\" as well as trailers for both books like you would see for movies with me and the characters that you will meet in the novels that can be viewed on youtube by texting in the names of the novels. Two more novels are coming out as this is written.  I continue to race as one of my many interests and persuits and try to make time for all of them, a pleasently challenging task.

  Crew Members: : Various including gear heads, people who know what they are doing that I hire, friends who have been there before and are just getting out of the house and away from the spouse for the weekend and the occasional hot young thing who figures out by noon that there is no glamour hanging out all weekend with a bunch of racers.  She usually has pressing business by one o'clock or so Saturday afternoon and has to leave, never to return.

  Sponsors: : My publishing company

  Future Goals: : Kick ass at racing, writing, music,cooking, living, staying out of and getting into trouble and everything else!

  Anything Else You Would Like to Share: : More than I can write; read my books; all authors are writing about themselves really.

  Facebook Account: : The Author Hank Johnson

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