Aaron Cain

Aaron Cain

Slinger, WI

1.      Briefly describe your racing career and accomplishments:
I started racing at Slinger Speedway in 2001 straight out of college with my dad in the team cruiser division.  2003- I raced in the 4 cyl class and won the track championship.  2004- I started racing a Slinger Thunderstock (Hobby Stock).  2005 and 2006 I was crowned the Thunderstock track champion. 2007 and 2008 the class changed more into an area sportsman class to accommodate cars from the recently closed Lake Geneva Raceway.  Eventhough we were significantly slower than the LGR cars we were able to take 2nd in points.  This past year was our best season as we were the fast qualifier for 17 straight weeks, won 5 features, broke the track record and won the track championship.  Overall in my career I have had over 120 top finishes and more than 40 feature win.
2.      What excites you most about the ASA Midwest Sportsman Tour?
 What excites me the most is the ability to race tracks and prove that I'm not a one track wonder.  Until now if you wanted to race a different track the rules varied so much that you were either illegal or at a significant disadvantage to the local drivers.  Now everyone is on the same playing field and it's going to be fun.
3.      What are you seeking to accomplish and/or what are your goals in the ASA Midwest Sportsman Tour for this year?
My goal is always to maximize my position on the racetrack.  If this translates into a top 5 or a championship I'll be happy with that.  When you invite a wide variety of cars to race, certain cars are going to have an advantage over others.  It is going to be a very interesting year to see how things play out.
4.      Please list your current sponsors and any pertinent information regarding your sponsorship:  These may change slightly for the 2010 season.
Paul's Service, Schann Tax Service, Lemke Stone, Certified Products, Gessler Auto & Towing, Northern Construction Management, Stein Home Solutions, Zingen & Braun Insurance Agency, Dr. John Stockinger, Butler Wire and Metal Products, Tony Maronni's Pizza, Merton Auto Body.  We are always looking for more :)
5.      Share a little about your family, crew chief, crew members and any other special interest people you would like to include:
 I am married to my wife Heather and this past February we had a little boy named Lincoln.  My crew chief is my father Paul Cain.  I would also like to thank my Mom along with family friends Todd Gerhing, John Lemberger, Scott Ascher, John Daley, and Joe Osterman.
6.      What type of car will you be competing in, engine type and builder, etc?
 1976 Chevrolet Monte Carlo
355 CID Motor Masters V-8
7.      Please provide two quotes regarding the following that can be used in the release:
a.       A quote relating to your excitement of traveling for the first time in a Sportsman division:
"I cannot wait to visit some of the nicest track in the Midwest and experience racing on a higher level."
b.      A quote in regards to what you think about the competition, the tracks we are attending, and what it could do to help your racing career:
"The ASA sportsman class is going to include the best sportsman drivers in the Midwest.  This is the proving ground to see how good you actually are, I'm ready for the challenge."
8.      Is there anything else you would like to add?
 I don't have a typical race car driver job.  I teach Physics at Lomira High School.  My students have always been my biggest fans at the track and next year I will be teaching a new class called "Racing Dynamics and Engineering."  If you could also include my website in the profile that would be great. www.Cain-Racing.com

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