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1/30/2014 ASA Racing has offered a benefit like no other, the ASA Advantage Benefit Plan allows you to purchase affordable health and/or life insurance plans for you, your family and even your employees if you own a small business. The program is available to all those racing in the ASA community and not just limited to ASA members.To search out the right plan for yourself or your family ...

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Track Spotlight

Inde Motorsports Ranch

Configuration: Road Course

Surface: asphalt

Driver Spotlight

Mike Garman

Location: Tucson, AZ, USA

Home Track: ASA Pro Auto Sports

ASA Charity Support

The Children’s Tumor Foundation is the leading not-for-profit health organization dedicated to improving the health and quality of life of those living with neurofibromatosis (NF). The Foundation provides education and services to patients and families. Acting as a resource to health professionals, we help increase public awareness of NF, and lead the way with world-class medical research to find effective treatments and ultimately, a cure. The Foundation offers hope and a vital sense of community for those with NF through programs that bring young people together to help them cope with their many disabilities and medical challenges.

In support of the Children's Tumor Foundation, the NF Marathon Team offers the opportunity for individuals to participate in team endurance sports to raise money for research, promote awareness, and provide a network of caring support for those suffering with Neurofibromatosis and their families.

We offer the opportunity for our team's participants to use their hearts and legs to celebrate the power of the human spirit to overcome adversity. Together, runners and sponsors will make a huge, potentially life-saving difference, as we move the NF puzzle pieces closer together, towards the ultimate finish line -finding a cure for NF. Click Here for Marathon Team Info

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